Tyra Codez is a Hip Hop duo form which consists of King (Phumlani King Nkosi) and Ephraim (Siyabonga Ephraim
Tshabangu). They are young boys from the city Embalenhle, which is located in Mpumalanga, South Africa. They
became a duo in 2016, when they met qualities of being a duo. The reason why they eventually became a duo was
precisely because they had the same dream, same vision and different styles of doing songs. They did several
collaborations together before they became a duo. They got signed to GGP Productions on the 19 June 2018.
Phumlani King Nkosi, who goes by the stage name of ‘King’ was born in 14 December 1998. He was born and raised in
Embalenhle. The 20 year old claims that he was doing music since the age of 9 years. He chose to use ‘King’ as his stage
name because it is the name that he would be comfortable to be addressed with at all times. He has collaborated wiyh
many local artists around his home city. He collaborated with Ephraim in a hit song titled ‘Ghetto’ in 2015, which was
the year when he got to join BlackBags Records. They then collaborated again in a song titled ‘Zaka’ in 2016. That was
when they started being closely packed in the music career. King and Ephraim always had ideas and figured out skills
on how to deal with every song they have recorded. King was lowkey hoping that he could stick to Ephraim because
they mostly think alike.
Siyabonga Ephraim Tshabangu, well known by his stage name ‘Ephraim’ was born on 12 August 1999. He was born in
Daveyton, Gauteng, South Africa and was raised in Embalenhle, which is located in Mpumalanga, South Africa. He
chose to use his real name ‘Ephraim’ as his stage name because he eventually found out what it means. The 19 year old
claims that his name means “The tree that bears fruits in a dry land”. He says it would be best if everyone addresses him
by that name because it’s technically a reminder that he has to make something good from his own self. He has
collaborated with many artists around his location, including his partner, King. He is a former recording artist at
BlackBags Records. When he collaborated with king for the first time (in the song titled Ghetto) he knew there was a
lot to do with him. Despite the fact that he was his friend, he wanted to work with him in most of the songs he wanted to
‘Tyra Codez’ is an irregular name for a duo which was given meaning by both artists. The name means “No door to
success is closed”. They have been a lot together, concerning music, they have learnt a lot together. They both are
former recording artists of BlackBags Records. They officially became a duo after they released ‘Zaka’, later in
2016.These artists first met as rappers, but because of their versitility they ended up adding a number of genres such as
Hip Hop, Trap, RnB Trap and Trap Soul. They became a duo because they were able to bring up their independent
ideas together and they both, most of the time, had same ideas is in every duty. They both confirm that if it wasn’t for
the passion of being music artists they wouldn’t be close as much.
They have went to Television broadcasts and radio stations for interviews. They went to radio stations such as Ligwa
FM, Metro FM, Ikwekwezi FM, VOC FM, 5ive FM, Ligwalagwala FM and Igagasi FM. They went to Television
broadcasts such as Sunrise eTV, Hectic Nine-9, YO-TV and Morning Live. They have worked to release the song titled
‘Duties’ in 2018.
More info: 076 041 3502– info@ggpproductions.co.za