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Godgiven Prevails Productions, better known as GGP Productions, is a music publisher and distributor to radio and TV globally. The company empowers rising, intermediate, and established artists through music publishing and events. Understanding the challenges musicians face while submitting their music to radio and TV channels, especially when unaware of specific requirements, GGP Productions aims to simplify the process. GGP Radio Airplay, one of our best platforms, has served over 40,000 musicians and 200 record labels worldwide. We facilitate music publication on both commercial and community radio stations, offering the simplest and quickest solution for artists to release their music to a global audience. Music recording is also a core interest for GGP Productions, as we record our own musicians and artists from other companies.

Nothing disappoints a musician like the rejection of their song on radio and TV. Having published and distributed for thousands of music artists, we have grown to know what kind of music video or song the radio or TV wants, and we decided to establish a Music recording studio to help musicians produce good quality music suitable for Radio and TV Platforms.

Our filming crew is always ready for new events or a new music video shoot, and we have been rated the best in music video shoots and video editing. We do everything from PR, artist management, artist booking, and branding. We endeavor to be the best among our competitors globally. Our client relationship is of paramount importance, and we do it the way you want it done.

“Just say it and have it done the best way.”

What makes us different is that we don’t believe in words but in action, as we always want to see our customers happy all the time. When invited or hired for functions, we can come with our sound system, gospel musicians, poets, and film crew. Our standard is high; “remember we’re working with professionals, not amateurs.”

We promise to deliver the best deals and guarantee no room for disappointments. We would also like to emphasize that our work is dedicated to the Lord Jesus and not for the devil.

Overall, GGP Productions is a promising music publishing and distribution company that supports artists and ensures their music reaches a global audience.

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