Bongani Khoza (ichunu elihle ) started singing Zion music in a choir in 2009 .He sang tenor. In 2010 he joined another choir called Merciful of God and eventually became a leader of the choir. While he was still with Merciful of God choir they joined competitions in 2011 and lost at the beginning of the competition but eventually won. He always had a desire to become a Maskandi Music Artist, because of the love of Maskandi Music He met a Musician from Johannesburg  called Umhlukumezi. “Umhlukumezi was looking for people that will do a traditional Zulu dance for him and he picked me and more others which was a result of my desire and passion to sing Maskandi Music. I discovered my talent of being a maskandi musician while I was serving Umhlukumezi.

Umhlukumezi left us disheartened, because we expected something from him before he left and because we won competitions with him and had a greater hope in him. After he left us I had so much experience and knowledge from him concerning Maskandi Music. We formed a group named Ezondiyo no Rubi on 2014 and composed songs with a hope to get help and release an album.”

Today Ichunu Elihle has released an album entiled Angilona ivukane and his songs are available in the Godgiven Prevails Productions Website and on Itunes, google play stoores,amazom, deezer, jukes. Umkhondo FM is already playing his songs.