Godgiven Buthelezi is a multi-talented individual who has pursued various endeavors throughout his life. He started as an entrepreneur and founder of the South African social media app Meet My Craft. Additionally, he is a recording artist and began his music career in 2006 with a Kwaito music album. He had the privilege of sharing the stage with renowned artists such as Arthur Mafokate, Chomi, Minanawe, Malaika, GP Gangster, Mapaputsi, Mzambiya, Debra Frazer, Solly Mohholo, Zola, and other music icons.

In 2007, after recording his second Kwaito album, Buthelezi had a transformative experience where he gave his life to Christ and eventually became ordained as a pastor. He was ordained as a Pastor in the Word of Life Tabernacle (WOLT) Church in 2011, which was initially situated in Sea View and later moved to the Bluff in Finland. He got married in the same church in 2011. After becoming a pastor, he embarked on a journey of preaching in various areas, starting locally in Wentworth, Chatsworth, Sea View, Bluff, Mayville, and eventually expanding to other provinces. In 2013, he established a church in Mpumalanga.

Buthelezi took a break from music until 2017 when he recorded his first gospel album titled “Kushobani” and also shot a music video. In the same year, he auditioned for SA’s Got Talent, a show broadcasted on E.TV. He then moved to Umkomaas Craigieburn with his wife and children, where he established the Meet My Craft app.

Throughout his musical career, Buthelezi appeared on several TV shows such as “Gospel Mix,” “Memeza,” “Big One Up,” and “Ezokholo.” He also had the opportunity to be interviewed on numerous radio stations, including Vibe FM, Umkhondo FM, Ligwa FM, NCR FM, Icora FM, Imbokodo FM, Bokone Bophirima FM, Jozi FM, Sajonisi FM, VOC FM, and Ek FM, MMabatho fm , Alex fm, Highway Radio, pheli fm among others.

Despite facing challenges and going through a divorce, Buthelezi realized that his true calling was in gospel music. He took some time off to find himself and wrote songs that would touch the hearts of people devoted to God. His latest gospel single track, “Uboneni kimi” (What have you seen in me), reflects his journey and the presence of God in his life. He plans to release a full album in 2023.

In addition to his music and pastoral work, Buthelezi is also the founder of GGP Radio Airplay, a platform for distributing and publishing music to radio. He has served over 40,000 musicians globally through this platform. Currently, he is on a radio tour to host interviews with 200 radio stations in South Africa, starting with 12 radio stations. His slogan, “You might have fallen yesterday, but today is a new day. Take a stand and rise again,” embodies his message of hope and resilience. Thobekile is a song from an up and coming album by Godgiven Buthelezi where he will be featuring Sgiwili, Jumbo and Dumi Mkokstad.

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