Umoya wami music video by Gqomsoul is now on TV

GQOM SOUL are a South African genre bending duo of Singers, djs,
choreographers and dancers. that have crafted their own distinct genre, named
after their group name “Gqom Soul”. The group members are Sanele Gwala and
Justice Magwaza. The two young men who are close friends, share a lot of the
same talents and interests in music and dance.
Gqom Soul musically combine the soulful rhythms and harmonies of african music
with the influential and impactful dance genre that came from thier home province
of Kwa-Zulu Natal in South Africa known as “Gqom”. Their music and dance is
designed not only to entertain but rather to inspire, heal, unite and teach their
Gqom Soul believe music is something special and sacred and can provide a
profound healing and connection needed by society today.
The vision of Gqom Soul is to create a window into their souls which want happiness
for all.
The purpose of Gqom Soul as a act, with their well choreographed set, is to create
an emotive experience, and to tell a profound story with every performance.