SBFire Loliwe Music Video Is shaking the waves of TV in Mzansi through GGP TV Airplay

Birth Names : Sabelo Fikani Faya Born : 31 March 1991 Origin : Tongaat,Durban,Clermont Genres : Afro-House,Deep House and Kwaito Occupation : Beats maker , Producer , song writer& singer Instruments : Keyboard ,Vocal,sampler &sythersizer Year active : 2008 – Present Labels : Soulful loops & Ayoba Enterntainment Associated : RockerFellaz,Infinite Boys,Swido,The Vicmari Apheh,Darkino & Tragic Boiz SBfire (Sabelo Fikani Faya) was born on 31 March 1991 is a talented young musician and a dj.He began his career around the year 2008 and he has releasod couple of songs on Datafilehost & Soundcloud Internet radio under his Durban based studio Soulful Loops.In 2016 he was recognised by Tebza Miya (Dj Ganyani’s manager) after he has sent him couple of his work PERSONAL LIFE Tukzeri was born on 31 March 1991 at Tongaat then moved to Clermont,Durban.His mother still lives in Tongaat while he is in Durban with his 4 sisters Thanda,Vamisile,Pamela & Samke he had a brother Mvikeleni(Mvee Da Fire) who passed away on 04 December2014 EARLY CAREER He used to rap back in the days before he met his child hood friend Nqubeko Dlamini(Nqubzin from Rocker Fellaz) who introduced him to Kwaito music then collaborated with him on couple of songs along side Vistor Da Kreator.As a Kwaito artist he also worked with other Kwaito artist who also based in Durban.His hit song ‘Eyokzingela’ was once played by DJ Tira during his set on Gagasi Fm on King Sfiso’s show called Producers Corner.He struggle to buy beats from other producers until he decided to make beats for himself and that were the love for production began.Then he started listening to the likes of Louie Vega,Roco,Charles Webstar,Dj Clock and Black Coffee after that he began to producer deep house and afro-house.He began to focus more on producing deep house and afro-house.After he has made few house tracks and the people around him liked his production then he met up with Tragic Boyz and they worked on couple of songs released them on datafile and soundcloud.He also produced songs for other artist and Dj’s such as Dj Eighteen,Rocker Fellaz,Swidoh. MUSIC CAREER In 2015 he did tribute to Inifinite Boys and the song was called ‘Stolen Drum’.His biggest success was when his music was play listed on U.S.A internet radio called datafilehost and soundcloud he has released few songs such as ‘Koze kuse(instrumental)’ followed by another song called ‘Spiritual Journey’ and other hits songs.In 2016 he was recognised by Tebza Miya who’s the owner of the distributing company called Ayoba Entertainment after he has sent him couple of songs that he produced and He release his first single called 1st Knight and also released the second single called My Imagination in year 2017 then in 2018 he started his Distributing Company called Isbazi Records and he released his firt single called The Drum Confession under his distribution company, then in 2019 he released another single called Dance with my Soul on iTunes and other digital platforms and he also dropped an EP called Atittude for Gratitude on Digital platforms, then after that EP he dropped another single called Loliwe feat Nezi and that song opened too many doors for him becouse he also worked with B’utiza the hit maker of Vuma by Euphonic ft lolo and he also woked with DJ Menace on his single called Umlilo(Woza Menace) ft B’utiza. In 2020 he alo He just released an EP called Chasing my Dreams on Digital Platforms and he also produce another hit track by DJ Menace ft Sgananda called Phakathi(Inside) and now he just released a Music Video for his hit track Loliwe feat Nezi, he’s promising more good music to come and music videos.