Makita ft Mandisa – Ngifuna wena is now on our TV Screens

Makita SA real name is Ntokozo Ncube. I grew up in the Folweni area. I’m a Nazareth and I believe in my self that I’m one of the best musicians. Stage Name is Makita-SA was named after Makitaza our South African former or late musician and it was given to me by a school teacher, because I made a lot of jokes with school kids. I have an Assistant Producer who has no problems but also when the opportunity arises for something to move me forward. Singing was my thing even when I was a little boy growing up I loved it and I grew up and came into the studio in 2011 and started composing my first song’ they are many songs that I lost now. I write AfroPop music genre, because I sing it and mix it with a bit of Rap. I have won the title of number 1 in a competition called ADOM CYPHER with rap artists. I have a facebook page written by (MakiTa-SA Da Musician) where I put all my music. I like to talk to people’s feelings about my music ‘I am a storyteller in my music. It took me a long time to get into this role but with patience and prayer I hoped for success.
(Thank you)