Orly Vardy- Forever music video is now on TV

The Singer with the Gentle Voice” from Israel has had great success with her stage appearances and received fantastic reviews on her live performances. Orly’s songs have achieved success in various international competitions and she has participated in several international projects including “RAY OF HOPE” and “AFTER THE RAIN”.
Her songs have received airplay in several continents with great support across the UK, USA, India and Australia. Orly was honoured at being voted by Venture Radio as their most played
artist. Orly pre-release her third international album “OUR WORLD”, after releasing her two international albums “So Many Things to Say” and “A Million Love Songs”.
The musical producer for Orly’s songs is Ofer Hamerman. Ofer is a composer, pianist and musician who specializes in producing songs and albums for artists, both in Israel and abroad. He has won several international competitions as a composer and musical arranger.