Udumo Lonke oluka Jehova okunguye ohambe nami endleleni

Kuthe noma izimo zingishaya wama nami. This whole album is a blessing from above. I would like to thank the Lord almighty for the talent that he has given me which is to praise and worship him. Let me Say “ uyi Kakaramba , unginguye enginguye” PLEASE  keep on using me Lord so I may continue to comfort and touch peoples’s hearts with the gift that you have invested in me. I would like to thank my wife Pulane for the great support through out the whole project. To my kids Daddy loves you, To my mom Thandi Ndlovu (ma Mchunu) you’re such a darling mama thanks ngokungikhulisa ngibe yilendoda engiyiyo. I love you my brothers and sisters you guys supported me for years. Thanks to Joe Gcabashe for the great work and to my backing vocalists Khanyi Nzuza, Phuthuma Tiso,Buhle Nhlangulela and brodget Madiba  .

Thanks to Mpho, Tumi and Nathi for the great work.

A Very Special Thanks to GGP Productions