Biography of E.M Vocalz

E.M Vocals is a musical duo which consists of Eltudee (Themba Klass Mokoena) and Mihly (Mihlali Nyezi)
Both artists have been very passionate about music since a very tender age . Their love for music developed
at primary school. Themba and Mihlali lived in Secunda in a small town called eMbalenhle. Bieng best friends for such along time since third grade , in 2014 they decided to form the musical duo, since both artists bieng Eltudee and Mihly , they decided to form a vocal duo by taking the initials of their stage names and created the name E.M Vocalz.

Before the formation of the duo , both artists were solely engaged in other musical forms .
Mihly was singing in the church choir in which he learned to play the piano, while Eltudee was dejaying at certain clubs
around eMbalenhle . Eltudee later found out that his brother (Dj Culcat) was involved in music, Dj Culcat was involved
in a much more productive side of music, and as time went by he became a producer of both artists Eltudee and Mihly.
Together with the help of Dj Culcat they went on into creating songs such as “Umuntu wakho”, “Amablesser” and their recent “Nhliziyo ngise”.

These both artists are very wise when it comes to music , they are the house music vocalists but they can also sing
different genres such as Afro-pop,Afro-soul music and other African genres.But as far as their music career concern
they are base on House music. E.M Vocalz is the name that describe them as a duo. E.M Vocalz worked with Osama – the producer of Black Bags Records (BBR) music label, in a period of Three years. in 2018 they started to work with GGP productions which is located in Durban.

Eltudee was born in Standerton Mpumalanga in 1998 on the 17th of August, he moved to Secunda in a small town called eMbalenhle in 2008 , thats the current city for him as far as his home town concern , he started his music career in the year 2012 at the age of 14 years , his inspiration for music came from the late King of Pop Michael Jackson.

Mihly was born in Secunda in a small town called eMbalenhle in Mpumalanga on the 17th of July 2000.
His passion for music developed in 2013 as he was inspired by the band which played at his church at that time, at certain times.Mihly would attend practise sessions at his church as he enjoyed listening to the sounds coming from the different instruments from the church band.He later found Siyabonga Nyoka who later became a mentor who guided him into bieng bieng a pianist.

In eMbanlehle its where these both artists were met. Their songs has been programend in different radio stations and
televisions interviews Broadcasts such as YoTv, Hectic 9Nine, Morning live,Channel-O/uKhozi fm/iKweKwezi fm/Metro fm/ Ligwalagwala fm/Radio 2000

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